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Shamisen Player



A mysterious Tsugaru Shamisen player who performs wearing a FOX mask. Transitioning from traditional Shamisen stages, he now engages in performance activities as a player uploading cover videos centered around game and anime music on YouTube.

With over 360,000 subscribers and more than 78 million total views, he holds the record for the most subscribers among Shamisen players on YouTube, and his influence on the Shamisen industry is immeasurable.

He also mentors future generations as part of the "Ryokko-kai" and is also active as a member of the Japanese-Western string music unit "3x4xS (SA-SHI-SU)" along with the cellist NUBIA. They are spreading the charm of the Shamisen to audiences worldwide.

Main Works

Urashimasakatasen / Nobuo Uematsu / Ichiteri / "Genshin Impact" / "Honkai: Star Rail" / "Ayakashi Ramble!" ... and more