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Cellist Biography

Nubia (Fumihiro Suda), a cellist and music composer, has received numerous awards both in Japan and overseas.

He began his career as a cellist at the age of 6. He furthered his studies in Holland at Utrecht University and in the UK at Trinity Laban Conservatoire, immersing himself in different cultures. Under the guidance of renowned cellists; Francisco Ochando, Sebastian Koloski, Naomi Butterworth, and David Kenedy, he honed his skills.

While engaging in diverse performance activities in various venues such as concert halls, dining venues, clubhouses, and live houses, he has also been involved in backing major artists and recording for anime and game music.

Currently, he is known for his ability to create engaging stages that incorporate pop improvisation, a wide range of cello arrangements across various genres, ensuring that the audience remains captivated.

He is also active as a member of the Japanese-Western string music unit "3x4xS (SA-SHI-SU)" along with the shamisen player SHAMIO. They are expanding the appeal of the cello in Japan and overseas with entirely new approaches.


3rd prize at 22nd junior Classical Music Competition in Japan
2nd prize at Yokohama International Music Competition
Encouragement Award at Sohichi Okinaga Cultural Award
3rd prize at 19th Yangtze International Music Competition

Composer&Lyricist Biography

Nubia has been involved in the production of over 1,000 songs to date. Drawing influences from a wide range of genres including classical music, EDM, Viking Metal, Symphonic Metal, and game music, he began his lyric writing career after meeting composer Fujiki Tetsu, and studied under game music composer Keishi Yonao.

The production team spans across various countries, collaborating with music creators from Japan, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, Brazil, and more, prioritizing "fit-for-purpose" songwriting.

He is capable of writing lyrics in both Japanese and English, and has a deep understanding of string arrangements supported by his skills as a performer. He also has a reputation for creating music using traditional Japanese instruments. He has provided songs for various purposes including games, anime, voice comics, theater productions, regional development projects, corporate advertising, educational materials, and more, both domestically and internationally.

Main Works

Ouro Kronii (Hololive EN) / PelleK / Raon Lee / LilyPichu / Loren Allred / Donna Burke / Sakuzyo

Levi Elipha (Nijisanji) / Yumeoi Kakeru (Nijisanji) / Shin'nosuke Tachibana / Suzuko Mimori / Yoshiki Nakajima / Wataru Urata (Urashimasakatasen) / Tsubasa Yonaga / Katsura Sunshine

"FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH" / "League of Legends" / "ChainGuardians" / "SplatoonTopPlayers" / "Sakuna of Rice and Ruin" / "Pokémon Trading Card Game" / "TalesWeaver" / "Hentai Prison" ... and more